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General Terms and Conditions of Business


1. Scope

1.1 These GTC apply to all services and content offered on the website under the URLs, as well as to their related sub-pages.

1.2 The GTC govern the use of the services offered by the company Joana Weber. By using these services on the website and their sub-pages, the user expressly agrees to adhere to these GTC of the company Joana Weber.

1.3 The company Joana Weber reserves the right to amend these GTC at any point. The use of the services offered by https://www.wgay- and their sub-pages, is given solely under the respective currently applicable GTC.

2. Data protection

2.1 The entered data of users will be saved, processed and used in accordance with the applicable data protection provisions, especially the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (TMG).

2.2 The website makes use of third- party contents to place advertising. The third-party providers may use information about your page visits. The company Joana Weber does not have any influence on the content of the placed advertising.

2.3 Our privacy policy:

3. Disclaimer and warranty

3.1 The company Joana Weber reserves the right to permanently or temporarily remove any ad or other publication from the platform or to prohibit a user from using the platform.

3.2 The company Joana Weber provides no warranty for the accuracy or completeness of content published by the users or third-party providers on the platform. There is no obligation to validate this content in terms of comprehensiveness, correctness, topicality, quality, or suitability for a given purpose.

3.3 The company Joana Weber does not assume any liability; except where such is not due to the gross negligence or intentional acts. This disclaimer has a general scope, also caused by possible representatives or persons employed by the company Joana Weber in performance of her obligation.

3.4 The warranty and liability are precluded for contracts that are concluded through the website In this regard, the company Joana Weber assumes no contractual obligations whatsoever and does not offer any warranties. Any liability in this area is completely excluded. The company Joana Weber does not assume any liability for occurred damages related to the relationship of users.

3.5 The Breakdown of the platform shall in no case involve damage claims for users or any third parties.

3.6 There is no liability assumed for force majeure.

3.7 Any direct or indirect claims for damages or compensation against the company Joana Weber that relate to the operation of the platform must be asserted within one year of the user obtaining positive knowledge. After this period, any claims shall be void automatically.

3.8 The owner-user relationship entered into between the private user and the company Joana Weber is free-of-charge.

4. Commercial use of Website

4.1 The usage of the platform for commercial or professional purposes, either directly or indirectly, obtains the prior permission of the company Joana Weber. Commercial or professional users of the Internet portal shall mean agents or other real estate portals in particular.

4.2 The company Joana Weber reserves the right to delete or block advertisements and users in case of publishing, either directly or indirectly, so-called premium rate numbers (e.g. 0844, 0870, 0871) on the platform or making reference to such numbers in any kind of way (e.g. by displaying them directly, announcing a telephone service, email or other notification).

4.3 In the case of publishing commercial advertisements on the platform without the prior consent of the company Joana Weber, she is entitled to delete these immediately and to demand, for every ad and every day of publication, a customary and appropriate level of compensation from the publishing entity, in addition to the payment of a contractual penalty amounting to five times the customary and appropriate level of compensation plus VAT at the statutory rate. This calculation may be based on print media with an equivalent level of coverage.

5. Obligations of the user

5.1 The user alone is responsible for the content and accuracy of the submitted data and information. He alone is also responsible for his/her own actions on the platform.

5.2 The user is obliged not to submit any information or data, which violate the rights of third parties or that, violates the applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. This also applies especially to backlinks and to references that the user makes to offers in digital or print media.

5.3 The reference that it is illegal to publish copyright-protected cartographic material or copyright-protected photographs on the platform by the user without the originator's permission is explicit.

5.4 The user has an obligation to keep his/her access data confidential to third parties and to protect it against unauthorized access. The user shall be liable for any unauthorized use of the platform for which he/she is responsible. In the case of suspected misused access data by third parties, the user has to inform the company Joana Weber immediately.

5.5 The services on the platform can only be duplicated with the prior approval of the company Joana Weber. In the case of a violation, the company Joana Weber will initiate civil or criminal proceedings against the responsible user.

5.6 The user grants the company Joana Weber the right unlimited in terms of space, time and content to use his/her content displayed on the platform for any purpose relating to the corporate object of The company Joana Weber has the particularly right to duplicate, distribute and publish this content.

5.7 In case third parties have rights to the content, the user shall grant the company Joana Weber exclusive rights to those.

5.8&nbps;The services of is permitted only to users of full age.

5.9 It is prohibited to use the website for immoral or illegal purposes that do not conform to the objectives of https://www.wgay- (e.g. indecent contents, ambiguous descriptions, or calls for sexual activities)

5.10 It is prohibited to use the website for mass email distribution. The company Joana Weber reserves the right to sue the responsible user for damages.

5.11 Any activities that serve the purpose of negatively affecting the website, or significantly complicate the use thereof, are prohibited and will be prosecuted under civil and criminal law for each violation (e.g. interventions that affect the physical and logical structure of the platform).

6. Rights of the company Joana Weber

6.1 The company Joana Weber reserves the right to check, ban, or permanently or temporarily remove any ad or other publication published on the platform.

6.2 In case of violation of the GTC by a user, the company Joana Weber is entitled to ban the responsible user from using the services of the platform and to delete his/her submitted data.

7. Final clauses

7.1 The Parties agree to accept the jurisdiction of the courts of Berlin.

7.2 Should one of the above-named regulations be or become void or impracticable, this regulation shall be replaced by a valid provision, which comes closest to the original intention of the unenforceable or invalid provision. The validity of the remaining regulations remains unaffected.